The Borges

$4.00 USD

Image of The Borges

The Jorge Luis Borges is about as clear, ordered, and perfect as you can get in a resume. By contrast, its namesake was known for weaving labyrinths throughout his stories. Still, we could all use a little clarity sometimes, and this resume has it in spades. With sliding skill bars, orderly categories, and clean fonts, the Borges transforms your experience into graceful, professional text.

You'll get...

  • A one-page resume template for Microsoft Word & Apple Pages
  • A matching cover letter for your resume
  • All necessary fonts; and
  • A pdf with a few tips and instructions.

  • Can't Afford It?

    I want these templates to be available for those out of work and in difficult financial spots who can't afford to pay. Please get in touch with me if you require one of these templates for free due to financial constraints.

    Save to PDF!

    Just remember to always save and submit your resume as a PDF to make sure formatting and fonts stay intact. Open and check the PDF after to make sure everything looks good!